Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My first video recording experience

My first Video recording experience was full of fun, ideas and loads of learning. I used a simple webcam and  i was really surprised with the quality and ease at which i could be done with the video.

So here is the link for the video, i hope you like it.

This video is RAW... no major editing at all.. My personal experience on recording videos for youtube. Hope this is useful for all those who are trying to work things out to put up their first videos on you tube.
Minimum Stuff you need
1. Webcam: I used a HD Logitech webcam c270 series
            [you can buy this product here
              a. Flipkart
              b. Amazon ]
2. Table study lights
3. 2 Nos. of CFL 20-25 watt light bulbs
4. Clear Background screen
5. Mic or Headphone mic headset plugged in (usually comes with the webcam)
6. PC/Laptop
7. MS windows live movie maker

Best of luck


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