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Thursday, January 17, 2013

       Gym Workout and Muscles

To all those fitness freaks, enthusiasts and newbies (to the gym), this a post just for you guys.

So, after about 2-3 months of regularly going to the gym and working out, you may want some better quality results. Not fast, but better results in terms of better muscle profile, increase in strength, lean muscle mass gain etc.. At this point of time you will realize or probably someone like your trainer will tell you that what you eat makes a really really huge difference. Then there is this whole thing about understanding your body, the muscular system, exercise techniques, food timing, and nutrition.

Now, all these are interlinked as your body is an amazing integrated system. So you may or may not want very serious stuff, but your body will show results only if you understand what it requires. 

This happened to me and I was really all confused on what to do, what to read, how to understand and what to do to make your body look healthy and fit. 

I will share something which will give you an understanding of why the diet is so really important. This of course is for the newbies and the uninitiated. See the video below (or Youtube link click here)

There are many books and concept formulas available in the market in the form of documents or software. I suggest it only for the serious & really committed people since it is expensive. There is this software somanobolic muscle maximizer for those who want that ripped body. In this, he gives a system where there are detailed charts, programs to track your progress and the formula by a renowned trainer/nutritionist Kyle Leon. (click here to see the product). Don't bother about the hype selling he does by showing the before/after pictures, but what important is the approach and its really effective. 

More importantly if you are extremely new to fitness and wish to understand the body in a very simple manner then I personally suggest reading 'Nutrient Timing' by John Ivy and Portman, a book which explains the whole concept in a very concise manner so that you know whats happening and no body can ever misguide you regarding nutrition or diet. You can pick up this book in any near by shop or on the net through amazon or flipkart. Here are the links for that. Amazon buy and Flipkart buy. You can take it beyond this, but it depends on your will power and inner motivation. 

For knowledge fanatics and geeks ;-) If you have always wanted to know more about the human body and its dynamic functions, I must admit, it will fascinate you like the way it did for me. Not withstanding the cost of these books as compiled and published by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the content is great and is very interesting. It is not necessary to use this book to write the ACE personal trainer exam, but you could if you like. I have just picked the latest 4th edition purely for my reference so as and when I would like to know more about a particular exercise, I have a ready reference to understand the body first before i go on to try the work out.
(Here are some links to buy the book if you would like.  I hope they are useful. 
On Amazon click here and on Flipkart click here.)

So here is wishing all you enthusiasts all the very best.


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